So you’ve decided to get a new website made – woohoo!  Now the tough bit.  Choosing a new web designer!

There are lots of things to consider when finding the right web design team for you.  Here, we break down the different things you should think about when finding the perfect web designer.

  1. Check out their portfolio – most web designers will be happy to show off past websites they have worked on, after all, they should be proud of their work!  Ask to see some examples of their websites and look to see if they are all a bit samey, if they show creative styles that you like, and if you can spot any errors or poorly made parts.  As a consumer, you will be able to spot a mile off if someone is not very good at designing websites, after all, you use them all the time.
  2. Ask previous clients for a reference – again, many good web designers are happy to let you contact past clients of theirs to get an idea of how they were to work with.  It is worth finding out if they were good communicators, if they stuck to the time scale, if they amended the budget frequently…